Absorbent Terminology

Products Also Known As
Absorbent Booms Dykes, Skimmers, Big socks
Absorbent Pads Pads, Sheets, diapers, squares, Mat, absorbent rug, Wipes
Absorbent Pillows Pads
Absorbent Rolls Mat Roll, Absorbent Rug Roll
Absorbent Socks Pigs, dykes, mini booms, tubes, snakes, long things, containment sock
Absorbent Sweep Absorbent Skimmer
Absorbents Sorbents,  Adsorbents
Bulk Absorbent Kitty litter, clay, sweeping compound
Catch Basin Insert Sewer Insert
Containment Boom The floating boom with curtains and chains
Containment Pool/Dcon Berm, Secondary Pool, Decontamination Pool
Drain Protectors Sewer Stoppers, Drain Stopper, Drain Covers, Sewer Cover
Epoxy QuikSteel, Putty
Fleece Wipers Rags, Wiper, cloths
Haz-Mat Absorbents Hazardous Material Absorbents, Yellow Absorbents, Pink Absorbents
Peat Canadian Sphagnum, Peat Sorbent
Plug “N” Dyke Plugs for Dyking, Granular Bentonite
Snares Pom Pom’s
Sorbents Absorbents, Adsorbents
Spill Kit Power Pack, Spill Response Kits, Emergency Kit, Spill Kaddie