Booms for Oils

The symbol for this product type is Oils - Red Circle.

Booms are constructed with a unique dowel and loop system for linking booms together to span large areas, ie: open waters. These booms have nylon rope loop on each end to permit easy placement, securing, and retrieval from drainage ditches, culverts, and parking lots.

Absorbent Booms for Oils

Unique Construction - Continuous yellow nylon rope running end-to-end though center of boom is surrounded by slits of melt-blown polypropylene encased with black mesh cover stock.

  1. The center rope provides strength required for stress caused by water flow and/or handling.
  2. Continuous slits of melt-blown polypropylene will not clump or separate thus eliminating the possibility of oil flow through problems encountered with conventional booms that are made from shred or loose particulate.
  3. Bright yellow rope and contrasting black mesh permits quick identification of boom location, even in rough terrain or harsh water.

Increased Contaminant Adsorption - Fine fibre melt-blown polypropylene provides greater surface area for more contaminant adsorption.

Long Lasting - UV-Stabilized, tear-resistant nylon mesh lasts up to one year outdoors without breakdown or deterioration.

High Quality Accessories - Rope is heavy 5/16" poly and dowels are made from high quality hardwood combined they allow for secure retrieval of heavy saturated booms.

Improved Handling and Deployment

  1. Dowel and loop system at constant intervals allows for easier, faster, safer deployment.
  2. Easier linking of booms to span larger areas.
  3. Faster, safer handling in all applications ie: coupling in multiple boom/sweep applications in quiet or rough waters.
  4. Safer when deploying booms in inclement weather and/or when wearing heavy gloves and work clothes.