Absorbent Socks & Pillows

Absorbent SocksAbsorbent Socks (also known as Pigs, Sausages, Dikes, Mini Booms) gulp down liquids in a hurry. Each sock gobbles up gallons. Casings are as strong wet as when dry, with extraordinary wicking action. There is virtually no entrance resistance or coverstock blockage. Use for diking runaway liquids. Flexible socks fit easily around drums, machinery and drains. Available in a variety of colours for Oil Only, General Purpose, General Purpose Economy, Super Absorbent, and Haz-Mat yellow.

Absorbent PillowsAbsorbent Pillows (also know as pads) stop liquids in their tracks. Pull in messy spills pronto. Pillows will fit into drip pans and most out of the way or hard to reach places. For daily maintenance - use our pillows when transporting or opening equipment, to catch leaks & drips under machinery, valves, and hoses. Comes in: Oil Only, Genral Purpose, Super Absorbent, and Haz-Mat.

Socks & Pillows for All Liquids

The symbol for this product type is All Liquids (Super Absorbent) - Green Square. The symbol for this product type is All Liquids - Yellow Triangle.

Integrity's yellow, pink, and grey socks and pillows immediately soak upto 15 times their own weight!

  • Yellow (Haz-Mat)
  • Grey
  • White (Super Absorbent)

Socks & Pillows for Oils

The symbol for this product type is Oils - Red Circle.

Integrity's white and blue socks and pillows are designed for soaking up oils!

  • White
  • Blue