Large & Extra-Large Spill Kits

Critical Factor

The symbol for this product type is All Liquids - Yellow Triangle. The symbol for this product type is Oils - Red Circle.

Response time is the critical factor in spill management. Every minute a spill is left uncontained, the risk of slips, falls, or environmental damage is increased. Integrity Spill Kits provide quick, effective, and practical initial response for all spills including HAZ-MAT.

Download a pdf document containing a detailed description of the contents of various Large & X-Large Spill Kits here.

Spill Kit Specifications
Suitable for... Spill Kit Contained in: Product Code Diking Area Maximum Capacity
"Oil Only" Lap Pack IAP-90001LP 12' up to 18 gallons
"Oil Only" Flip Top Container IAP-90001FT 30' up to 55 gallons
"Oil Only" Grounded Steel Drum IAP-90001GSD 34' up to 70 gallons
"Oil Only" Magnum IAP-MAG1 220' up to 150 gallons
Haz-Mat Wheeled OverPack H-IAP-90001OP 108' up to 60 gallons
Haz-Mat Magnum H-IAP-MAG2 248' up to 200 gallons


Absorbent SocksYour organization may be at risk of incidental spills of hydrocarbons, aggressive liquids and/or non-aggressive aqueous-based liquids.

Your spill might be a large volume spill or just a few gallons. In any event you need to have the right spill management products readily available and ready to use.

Be fully prepared for the larger volume spill by acquiring one of our Large or Extra Large Spill Kits outlined here-in are fully equipped for everything you require for initial containment and pickup.

Typical Uses

Absorbent SocksIntegrity Large & Extra Large Spill Response Kits are useful in many places and provide quick, safe cleanup for larger spills. Here are just a few places where it is wise to place them in ...

  • refueling areas
  • warehouses
  • receiving/shipping docks
  • water front dock areas
  • shops and maintenance areas


Regardless of your spill management needs, there is an Integrity Spill Response kit that's just right for you, whethter it is our smaller Spill Kits or our Large & Extra Large Spill Kit. From our small gallon capacity kits to our extra large volme capacity kits, you'll find a spill kit to meet your needs. Custom kits can be assembled as required.


Integrity Emergency Response Spill Kits are packaged to permit easy and safe disposal. All kits include temporary plastic disposal bags to contain used materials. Larger kits are packaged in approved drums which can be used to seal and transport saturated materials after use.

Replacement Parts

Do not purchase a new container unless required. Replacement parts for all kits are available.